Achieving Holistic Personality Development

People who do not have a strong personality are characterized as having low self-confidence or low self-esteem, poor communication skills, poor self-image, and even depression. These people often have several problems when it comes to their personality, and it boils down to one or more of the key personality areas. In order for these individuals to effectively address their personality issues, they will need to pinpoint which personality area needs improvement and begin to improve it. The best way to counteract the negative effects of having a weak personality area is to develop a holistic personality.Holistic personality development refers to developing yourself into the very best person you can be. Doing this means that we should be able to identify each of our strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of our personality. Without truly knowing ourselves, it would never be possible to improve ourselves. All-around personality development means giving equal attention to all aspects of your personality so that we can eventually figure out what is lacking and then work on it. Below are the four areas contributing to a holistic personality:·    Values. This is the core that makes up every personality. It refers to the set of ideals which guide all of our thoughts and actions. If an individual feels empty from within or feels that he or she does not have a stable foundation, this is the area that should be worked on.
·    Character. This refers to the set of traits that make up our identity. A combination of different personality traits that make up an individual is also the thing that makes him or her unique.
·    Presentation. This refers to the physical or tangible part of the person such as the body, posture, gait, smile, handshake, even wardrobe. The way the world perceives us also affects how we perceive ourselves.
·    Interfacing. This is the social aspect of our personality, including communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) and etiquette.

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